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God made humans for more than a stroll on the earth. Everything we do displays what we believe about the world. Lifework Forum challenges and encourages intentional living that shows forth a worldview based on the existence of God.

We teach folks about recovery, biblical family life, courageous parenting, lifelong learning, and homeschooling, to name a few topics. Over the years, our speaking and writing have taken us to more than 40 countries around the globe. “Have invitation and provision, will travel.”

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Curt and Sandra Lovelace


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openingWe want to mark the one year anniversary of the publication of our book in a special way.

We’ve been pondering how to please God as we celebrate and we decided we want to include you. Besides posting some fun pictures of our grandkids for you to enjoy on the occasion we have an idea we think you’ll like.

There are copies of CIC lingering in our office that we’d like to make available the way Amazon Prime does, only better … and more personal.

We’ve come up with the Best Idea EVER.

In return for a gift to Lifework Forum, our 501(c)3 ministry, made in the amount of the purchase price of CIC, we’ll provide

1) an autographed copy with a bookmark and free shipping


2) a FREE copy of the first CIC unit we’re releasing to assist parents and churches to apply the principles we present.

JamesThe Nurturing Hearts of Worship material is built on our signature Teaching and Training Approach, honed over 30 years of pastoral and international ministry.

50 pages of various components include an educational guide, scope and sequence, vocabulary lists, prayer prompts, information sheets for parents, and more.

Each lesson is organized around a specific focus with accompanying, measurable goals.

You can follow the careful conversation and activity prompts we offer or use them as jumping off points for your own creativity.

And what would a teaching and training approach for children be without related devotionals for the adults involved? Yup, we’ve got them too. It’s the same material we employed over the years to equip parents, teach children, and encourage bodies of believers to welcome children as participants in the corporate worship experience.

We offered this premiere unit to folks who visited us at the Authors Meet & Greet in April. They were excited by what they say and several walked away with their own copy. You’ll want to do the same. Here’s how.

sermon notes

Let us know how many copies of CIC you need by sending an email to Sandra at SandraAllenLovelace@gmail.com. Be sure to give us both your street and e-mail addresses.*

Your donation to Lifework Forum through our PayPal account at LWF or with a check sent to 258 East Shore Drive, Acton ME 04001 need only reflect the $14 CIC purchase price. We’ll take care of getting the book and your additional FREE treasures to you asap.

Please be aware that our inventory is limited and it won’t be long before we list these materials at our website store. So don’t delay.

Do feel free to share this offer with your friends and family, your small group or church. Why not start a CIC study with some friends? Wouldn’t that be a great summer activity!

Remember, a $14 gift will put the #1 Resource for Worshipping Families into your own hands as well as 50 pages of support to nurture the next generation in the worship of our Holy God. We encourage you to respond today.

PS  The last image is of the sermon notes from a young teen.

*We promise not to share anyone’s personal information at any time for any reason.

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Sandra & Naomi Heading Out

One PageI’m taking Naomi with me to the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.

We leave on Saturday for this premier gathering.

I’ll have the Prequel as well as the Synopsis with me.

One copy of Naomi’s full story will be available too.

My pitch is ready so I can introduce her in meetings and conversations.

I even have copies of the original article that started the whole project.

For that matter, I plan to share the piece titled “Doe the Nexte Thynge.”

Thank you for the encouragement you’ve been sending my way in this process.

Please ask the Lord to go before me, to direct my time and equip me to represent Naomi well. This first offering in my Every Woman Trilogy holds a sensitive place in my heart and life.  Thank you, Dear Ones.  May the Lord bless you for your kindness.

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Hitting the Road

CIC coverGod’s call on our lives has two aspects, speaking and writing.  They will come together tomorrow at the Christian Authors Meet & Greet in Methuen, Massachusetts.

We’ll be talking with those who come to the Nevins Memorial Library about the wonderful world of writing. In addition to encouraging others to share their stories, we’ll be representing our book along with 20 other authors.

This is a New England event that’s growing in popularity. We’re excited to be offering for two new products as incentives for the very first time.

The Doxology study is written to accompany Children in Church by supporting parents along with church and fellowship leaders in their desire to enfold the next generation into the worship of our holy God. There’s nearly 50 pages of material in this user-friendly six lesson unit.

Those of you who’ve been following the development of Sandra’s new manuscript will be delighted to hear that the Prequel will be available at this gathering. Naomi: The Desperate Years has already received positive feedback from a professional editor and a literary agent.

Those who purchase Children in Church may have a tough decision to make between these options.

We’d love to have you join the fun, but whether or not that’s possible, let us know which gift you’d choose.  😀

These developments are exciting and we ask the Lord to grant us favor as we make our way through them. Please join us in prayer. Thank you.

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Flashlight Morphs into Floodlight

flashlightMy LORD knows I keep moving the beam of my flashlight to find His footprints.

I want to follow His lead and keep up with His plan of progress for my life.

He knows I’m living in a world darkened by sin and it’s hard to see.

This week I caught a glimpse of the intense journey ahead.

It started the day I shoveled some snow. Nothing out of the ordinary for winter in Maine.

I didn’t do much, but I came inside and I was hurting.

At first it was a vague discomfort. That night my lower back started to ache.

By the next morning it earned the title pain and I applied heat to relax the muscles.

Three days later I had to admit I was in trouble. My lower left side felt the same way it had before my hip was replaced. The whole area was deteriorating and I was having trouble walking. My mind began to spin with the possibility that I’d injured my bionic implant.

Then what?  =8-O

The next day I gave in and called my surgeon’s office. He returned my call and, from what I was telling him, he said I likely strained my back. I did as he directed, applying ice and heat, and taking an anti-inflammatory.

My mind started to stew over possible scenarios. I’d lifted too much weight and pulled something apart. I’d reached out too far and loosened the screw holding in the socket. Or maybe I slightly dislocated the whole joint. Each one was more dreadful than the previous.

Three days later I had to take action. I reported that the symptoms were continuing and set an appointment to be seen. Three days later still I drove to the doctor’s office. From one dark thought to the next the pain became a monster ready to devour my life.

I was sure that any problems with the bionic device, even a small one, would mean more surgery. More surgery would mean repeating the recovery process. More downtime would mean I’d have to cancel my plans, especially my Spring Tour. More forced isolation would mean feeling helpless again. More inactivity, especially after such a remarkably speedy recovery, would lead to nothing but disappointment and fester into hopelessness.

I was convinced of every single detail.

Right there on Route 89, before I’d even gotten to the office I was caught in a death spiral. My world had closed in. Nothing but negative, even dire, possibilities remained open to me.

If you’ve been following this adventure with me in any other places, you’ll know how the appointment went. After extensive x-rays and a thorough examination I got a resounding message that the implant is fine. The conclusion is that I wrenched my back, causing the muscle memory to repeat the way it responded to my deteriorated hip. The tightness and spasms, awkwardness and instability were all a product of confused physical connections.

Are you with me?

The x-rays and the confidence of the doctor in what we were seeing brought my crazy-making mind to a halt. On my way out of the office I started willing my posture to be straight and my stride secure. There was a bit of stretching, but it felt good. My wild thoughts were dismissed by the facts. By the end of that day, without a single physical therapy appointment as prescribed, most of the pain and discomfort were gone.

I considered that reality as I climbed into bed 10 long days after I moved that bit of snows. The transformation was striking. I wondered what this experience might have to do with the rest of my life. It’s a question I ask myself often. Maybe that’s what pastor’s wives do through a life of sermon illustrations.

Whatever the reason, that’s when the floodlight came on.

floodlightWhat if the crazy-making process is a habit?

What if every time I/we participate in it, we’re actually crippling ourselves with our own thoughts?

What if it would only take a serious look at the facts to dissolve all the pain we put ourselves through?

Now THOSE are some answers to ponder.

More importantly, what if God delivered these circumstances to alert me/us to behavior that is stealing our joy? And He wants us content, fully enfolded in His arms.

In case you are caught in this dynamic, or have a friend who is (ahem), feel free to borrow my strategy.

Habit Busting Tactics

1. Ask Holy Spirit to wave a red flag at me when my mind is pulled in a wayward direction.

2. Respond immediately by shaking myself, turning away from the destructive behavior and toward the LORD.

3. Build a replacement habit by putting a Godward activity in its place, such as remembering who He is and how He loves me, reciting or meditating on Scripture, singing meaningful spiritual songs.

If this is all news to you, praise God for His gracious gift and share this with others.
If you too are being challenged in this area, what will you do to win the victory?

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Spring Tour

HeadshotMaybe you know us from our online presence.

Maybe you know us from our ministry to homeschool families.

Maybe you’ve read our book, Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship.

Maybe you like what we stand for and want more of what we have to offer.

Maybe you’ve been wishing you could interact with us in person.

If so, we’ve got a solution for you.

Spring is just around the corner, we hope. And Sandra plans to hit the road.

She’ll be in North Carolina May 17-21, moving on to Birmingham, Alabama for a few days.

Since she loves to travel and spend time with folks we’ve decided to open up her calendar for book signings and speaking invitations. She’ll be pleased to share from the content of Children in Church and, if it would be helpful, respond to your particular situation.

on from there
Sandra is definitely not a one-topic gal. She’s excited to meet with your small group, speak to a Sunday school class, offer a ladies retreat, or any such gathering according to your needs, theme, and schedule. Check out the list of other subjects she addresses.

We’ll be glad to brainstorm with you about planning your event.
Be sure to contact us soon. We’re looking to the LORD for His specific plan.

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Is your screen blank?

What would you do if your life got wiped clean?
That’s what happened to us last week.
Our websites became blank pages.th-3

We were sad, confused, frustrated, needy, . . .
We didn’t know where to turn or how to proceed.
We wanted our websites back.

The Crash took us back to our own experience.
In the fall of 2013 our life got wiped clean.
We wanted our international life back.

We were sailing along building a meaningful life in Prague. Then Curt got sick. Three near-death episodes and two emergency surgeries later he was stabilized. A fragile Curt and a worried Sandra boarded a plane. Uncertainty lasted for months before we could return to our adopted city. Financial support dwindled. In the end we had to leave our friends and colleagues behind along with our lovely flat. We arrived in Boston, sad, confused, frustrated, needy …

The plain white computer screen where Lifework Forum used to live is a good illustration of where we were in June 2014. We did some fumbling around, trying to figure out what to do next. As with the website, we finally gave up on our own knowledge and efforts, and turned to the proper source of expert assistance. We’re happy to report that God received us and is restoring us. The more fully we lean on Him the greater our awareness and understanding, our confidence and courage.

We’ve shared the message that a believer’s life is their work for nearly 25 years. And here we are taking on that very process ourselves. The screen of our future is as empty as it was in 1976 when we were united in Christ at L’Abri. We’ve walked through the years step by step and we continue to do so. We know our rebuild will take more time than the one the techie guys finally accomplished at our website.

We’re excited and slightly overwhelmed by what’s ahead. The great I AM is
reviving our vision, calling us forward, guiding our steps as He rebuilds the screen of our life. His design includes His chosen ones as active participants. We carry our hopes and dreams to Him along with our weaknesses and failures. He encourages us with love and Truth.

What about you? How do you make your life your work?



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Test to correct error

If you receive this new post as an email, please let us know.   Thank you.

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The Dross Eradicator, repost

FlamesI wonder how you’re doing.
Have you been memorizing?
Where are you in the process?

I’m struggling with the discipline,
but I’m enjoying the effort to focus.
Actually it’s the results I’m enjoying.

As I sing through the verses I’m able to concentrate more fully on the meaning of each phrase. Since I’m singing by myself I can adjust my speed however I like.

For example, when I’m learning I go really slowly.
When I feel more confident I sing right along.
Sometimes I even stop and let the tears flow until I can carry on.

I mean, it’s not all that easy to keep singing when you consider the powerful implications in verse 2.

Today’s verse comes from a passage that sustained my heart when my father died. The Holy Spirit brought it to my mind and it’s been with me ever since. As a matter of fact, I marked it in my Bible 25 years ago by putting my own name wherever a pronoun appears.

“When you [Sandra] walk through the fire,
you [Sandra] will not be burned;
the flames will not set you [Sandra] ablaze.
For I am the LORD, your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your [Sandra’s] Savior.”  Psalm 43:2a-3a

The notes help me apply the Truth more intimately.
You could mark your Bible too.

Verse 4
When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all-sufficient, shall be thy supply;

Not ‘If’ but ‘When’ fiery trials appear. I can expect them.
The path I’m on is the one marked out for me.
God’s saving favor is ENOUGH to meet my needs.
Not ‘maybe’ but ‘shall be’ my supply. I can count on it.

tea cup
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design

Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

The Father’s goal is NOT to incinerate me.
His specific purpose is to prepare me for eternity.
He will destroy my human flaws, and polish my divine imageness. from Genesis 1:27

How marvelous it is to consider these truths.
They are not only to me or for me.
They are for every one who’s heart is wrapped up in Christ.
Be encouraged!

Ponder, revel, exalt, rejoice.

John Rippon wrote ‘How Firm a Foundation’ in 1787.
If the tune would be helpful, feel free to use the recording.


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Asleep or Alive? Your Choice.

Good FairyThe Sleeping Beauty

I think battles are won by goodness. I think I’d rather be the hero in someone else’s story than asleep in my own. I think I’d rather be able to stand up against the forces of evil with a confidence that God’s goodness will prevail – and that, possessing such confidence, I will become both brave and gentle, both strong and beautiful.

Read and enjoy the lovely photos …

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