The Netherlands – August 2010

Sandra’s fall visit to Europe included a stopover in Amsterdam. She spent several days caring for ladies from morning until night. Some sharing happened during individual appointments. Other topics were explored in both small and large gatherings. Still others were discussed between husbands and wives after children were in bed. Sandra was especially excited by the group of mothers who gathered one afternoon to learn more about Scriptural guidelines for being a godly wife. Their attention did not waiver even when their children came and went to get needs met.

Sandra’s hosts arranged one full day of restful activities. They took her to one of the “walking” islands off the coast and the Lord provided picture-perfect weather. There was time to see all the sights from the seats of a four-wheeled bicycle: the beach, a light house, the town, a military installation, etc. The billowing clouds, a picnic on the bluffs, and chocolate dipped ice cream cones were among her favorite treats.

Though it was busy and stretching, this first stop on a two-week, two-hundred pound, two-country journey was a major blessing. There’s something precious about the Dutch. They do not back away from nor hedge in discussing serious subjects. They are warm and welcoming, open to the Word, and anxious to apply God’s truth to all of life. Their children are totally delightful. There’s never a concern about a visitor having their needs met in the Netherlands. Praise God!

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