Hungary – September 2010

The annual fall trip to Hungary was a special blessing this year. Sandra was able to hold her regular meeting with the administration at GGIS. The Homeschool Umbrella Program (HUP) has been moving along smoothly since the finalization of the written guidelines. A profitable and enjoyable gathering of the mothers involved in the HUP was also held. The ladies enjoyed a delicious lunch as the opening to their time together.

Test scores were reviewed. Questions and concerns were addressed. Insights and encouragement for the coming academic year were offered. The ongoing nature of these relationships adds a richness that benefits not only the homeschool experience of the children and their families, but each of us ladies in our ongoing growth in grace.

These routine events were augmented by individual meetings with a number of the ladies with whom Sandra has interacted over the years. One mother undertook a 13 hour train ride in order to spend time in meaningful fellowship. Another flew in from Albania to be able to share ideas and receive input concerning decisions she and her husband need to make about the future education of her maturing children.

An expatriate family invited Sandra to visit them in their home. She needed to ride the tram to the metro and take one of the metro lines to its termination – a first. The Mom and three of the children picked Sandra up and took her to their home. There was a time of sharing about test results and the coming academic year. However, the time Sandra was able to spend with the children was the delightful portion. It was wonderful to enjoy a home-cooked meal and family fellowship around the table. Reversing the travel path back to the B&B was a bit sad.

A long-time expatriate friend arranged to spend time with Sandra at a new location. It took a bit of courage for her to change trams and keep her eye out for the proper stop, but she made it. The time spent sharing over cups of tea was precious in godly fellowship. There’s an interesting bond between empty nest women that is particular to our experience. The Lord is gracious to apply the Titus 2 model no matter the age.

Sandra was also blessed by being able to meet the new couple who are leading the work at the Budapest Christian Library. The Osborns had only been in place for four days which meant Sandra was able to offer some information and encouragement. After an opening conversation at the library they all enjoyed dinner at Marcellos’, Sandra’s favorite Italian restaurant in Budapest. It’s only a short walk away from the library and the food is delicious.

The last day in Budapest was a whirlwind of blessings. God brought two brand new contacts to the B&B for meetings with Sandra. The expat mother took her out for lunch and the Hungarian mother stayed in and chatted while Sandra did some packing. It was was inspiring and exciting for her, and both ladies said that the time together was a blessing to them. One sent an email comment, “Your ministry is essential.”

The crowning piece of the trip began when Sandra contacted Curt to let him know she was about to go to sleep. He informed her that her return flights had been cancelled. Since she had boarding passes for both flights it was a little hard for her to take in the news. When she finally comprehended the situation she went to the front desk to ask for help. By the time phone numbers were found it was after 11pm and all offices at the airport were closed. The blessing was that British Air sent a message saying Sandra was confirmed on a flight several hours later. That meant that she could reset her alarm and get a full night’s sleep.

In the midst of a hectic scene at the Budapest airport Sandra was able to board her new flight. The hitch came in London when the plane had mechanical problems and everyone had to be deplaned. God’s blessing at this point was to give her access to the First Class Lounge where she spent 2+ hours enjoying her first visit in such lavish surroundings. Instead of arriving in Boston mid-afternoon, it was close to midnight. Nevertheless the Lovelace reunion was a blessing and the two hour drive home was just enough to relate most of them.

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