Hungary, England, Romania/BHC – May 2011

Sandra headed off to Budapest to conduct the round of spring testing for the homeschool students involved in the Homeschool Umbrella Program she coordinates. GGIS, a small Christian and international school, provides the protective covering needed between families and government regulation. Two gracious ladies agreed to join Sandra in the administration of standardized tests to more than a dozen children. It was enough of a challenge on its own, but it was extended when storms on the east coast of the USA disrupted air travel.

Sandra greeted the children and began the process solo on Monday morning. Sindy arrived a bit later and jumped right in, taking over with half the group. Bethany got held up in New York as well and didn’t arrive until late that evening. The four days of testing and caring for moms was a whirlwind of activity, one like Sandra’s never seen in the five years she’s been Coordinator. In the end the children accomplished their tasks and the testers were still smiling. As they looked back they realized the Lord had the process in hand all along.

The two assistants returned to the USA and Curt joined Sandra for a few days in Budapest. They moved on to England for the first half of BHC’11 where Curt offered a men’s retreat on Biblical Masculinity. The messages he offered were well received with meaningful discussions taking place during the breaks. It was a special time of gathering as the men came with their families, adding a delightful dynamic to the spaces outside the barn meeting room. Sandra was asked to share talks on what she’s come to call Biblical Femininity with the ladies over tea. It was a lively time of looking into Genesis, Titus, and Ephesians accompanied by toddlers and the occasional question-asking child.

The final stop on the journey was the second half of BHC’11 held in Bucharest. The Lovelaces were hosted by a US military family and were blessed to meet and share with a number of national homeschool families. Their spirits were bright and shining in spite of the challenge of their goal, to nurture their children in the admonition of the Lord in the face of serious opposition. Curt and Sandra consider it a major privilege to have gotten to know these sweet saints and trust the Father is watching closely over them as they make their way along His path for His glory. Amen

One of the highlights of the time in Romania was the invitation for Curt to preach at a local church. Pastor Caciula was gracious in his welcome and introduction as Curt took the pulpit. When he explained that the last time he’d been in their city was 1972 an audible gasp was heard. “Yes, that was before,” was Curt’s response. The congregation seemed to lend a higher level of attention as Curt opened the word around Joshua 24. The close of service brought forth many hugs and expressions of appreciation. It was a fitting way to end the Lord’s work in this beautiful and inspiring place.

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