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Published in the newsletter of CHEA of CA

There’s an observation being circulated that needs to be corrected. It states that homeschooling in Hungary is the same as in the United States of America. Had I not heard it myself, I would not have believed it. Let me assure you that is not the case, not in Hungary nor any other country.

As Coordinator of an umbrella program at a Christian school in Budapest I speak with some understanding. Families must negotiate a mine field of government rules, educational bureaucracy and cultural opposition. Many issues are similar to those confronted by recent homeschool pioneers in America and faced by some American families face today. However, the differences are significant.

John and Jane* have four children. They live in Albania, John’s homeland, but must meet the Hungarian regulations. The umbrella program requires the children be tested each spring with the results reviewed each fall. In September Jane had to fly from Tirana to Budapest to join the other mothers for the follow up workshop.

She needed to make plans for her family along with her own travel preparations. Though only one day was needed, a ticket encompassing a week was less expensive. One added benefit of the longer visit was that Jane could visit with her parents. Another was that arrangements were made for an afternoon-long personal consultation.

Sam and Sue* are the parents of five who homeschool underground. They have some contact with other believers, but only minimal support for their full-time discipleship lifestyle. Sue rode a train for 13 hours to pursue the fellowship and encouragement she knows she needs. She collected curriculum, and enthusiastically drank in the information and insight offered to her. The next day she returned to the train and rode 13 hours back home.

These two families are full of thankfulness to the Lord for the provision He continually makes for them. They understand that God makes the way for those He has called. Their lips are free of complaints. Let’s praise God and pray for such faithful, persevering saints – that they may abound in confidence and joy.

The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. He meets the needs of His people according to His riches in glory. It doesn’t matter where they are or what their circumstances. He assigns their portion and cup. Their lot is secure. Psalm 16:5

*names are changed

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