Move to Europe – October 2011

On September 10 the LWF Board of Directors made their unified position clear that they felt God was leading to relocate the ministry center of Lifework Forum. Their further encouragement was that the move needed to happen relatively quickly. The Lovelaces received their guidance as the godly counsel outlined in Proverbs 15:22. So, with confidence and a bit of wonder they set 17 October as their departure date and informed the church they’d been serving in Maine.

What followed was a 37 day whirlwind of activity. Numerous appointments had to be arranged and kept. Financial responsibilities needed to be organized and either finalized or delegated. Time had to be made to gather what was thought to be needed and find a way to fit it all into the required number and weight per baggage allowance. Of course these varied tasks were conducted while Curt did his best to prepare the elders and the congregation to move forward under the Father’s hand. They were some very busy days!

Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic, was the door God opened. As the geographic center of Europe it is an excellent location from which the Lovelaces can carry on the friendships they’ve developed over the years. On the way over they were blessed by being able to spend a night at the home of dear friends just outside Heathrow Airport. It was a delightful introduction to the new phase of life Curt and Sandra are entering as they were able to deliver a valuable educational tool as well as a fair amount of godly encouragement on the way to their destination. God’s faithfulness was evident.

The Lord graciously granted Curt and Sandra spacious accommodations in Prague in the home of brand new friends, the Limmers. Their seven year old son, Nikolas, provided a warm welcome when the taxi dropped them off after dark the first night. When he went to bed Andy and Nicole gave the Lovelaces a crash course in finding their way around. The next day they handed over their keys and headed to Spain for a week. Only God could turn a brief introduction at a church picnic into such a divine provision. Let’s praise His Name together.

The next day was given to a bit of physical recovery and some grocery shopping. Curt also set up an appointment to view an apartment (a ‘flat’ to Europeans) that was becoming available on 1 November. Simon and Dorit are a godly couple whom God was moving back to the UK, their homeland, for further full-time service. The space was wonderful, but there were concerns about the number of stairs so the Lovelaces took some time to decide. That night they considered all the prayer they’d offered up, the many benefits of the flat (location, no realty fee, reasonable landlord, honest current tenants, beautiful views, etc.), and felt the Lord’s hand in it all.

The next two weeks were filled with appointments with a visa agent; meetings with the landlord, the former tenants, and a translator to change two utility accounts over to the Lovelaces (2 hours); an appointment to learn about banking (no checkbooks in Czech); and too many other details to mention. Another aspect of the LWF call is volunteer work with Martin Bucer Seminary, based in Bonn, Germany, and Comenius Institute, based in Prague. Curt will serve in the role of Assistant Professor of Theology and Pedagogy while Sandra is a Special Lecturer. So contacts had to be made in these areas.

The Lovelaces report 1 November as a wonderful day because they got to tuck away the items they’d spread around and pack their suitcases for their first assignment, two weeks in Bulgaria. Everybody was marveling at all that got done in such a short period of time. Curt and Sandra were amazed at and thankful for God’s accomplishments, but were just relieved to get away from their first hectic days. God knew the adventures He had in store for them as they flew out the next day.

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