USA – May 2012

The beginning of the Lovelaces’ time in the states was spent recovering from jet lag at the home of their older daughter. Then they went to Maine for a few days to survey the real estate situation and pack up their summer clothes. From there they hit the road running.

First Swing
Curt and Sandra’s visit with LWF Directors in Ohio was a stop on their way out to Missouri. There they stayed with members of their Advisory Board and caught up with the families at IFF, Immanuel Family Fellowship. This local body of believers came along side the Lovelaces in a warm and powerful way last fall as they were heading out to Prague. The time of fellowship was enriched with worship, updates, and food. All too soon it was time to return to the east coast.

Next Up
By special provision, Lifework Forum was invited to be available at a booth for one of the largest Christian homeschool conventions in the world. CHAP, the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania, put their gracious generosity and genuine interest in the international work of LWF work into tangible form. Curt and Sandra greatly enjoyed their first visit to this dynamic event. It was a stretching occasion, but well worth the effort. A whole host of new contacts were made as folks learned about the ministry for the very first time. Not only that but many friends and even some long lost relatives came by to visit with us. Thank you CHAP Board members! May God bless you for your hospitality.

Movin’ On
From PA the Lovelaces drove on to MD. On Sunday evening Curt and Sandra shared about the work of LWF at North Hartford Baptist Church in Jarrettsville. This short presentation was followed by Curt preaching a message titled “Be a Shepherd”. The response of the congregation was warm and enthusiastic. It was a blessing to worship with such loving and dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ.

On Tuesday Hal and Melanie Young joined Curt and Sandra for a homeschool mini-conference, a day filled with a variety of workshop topics. The day began and ended with the two couples sharing the podium, a historic event no doubt. That evening the Lovelaces again took the floor, offering a talk to couples of the NHBC congregation on “Guiding our Children with Integrity”. The parents who attended provided an excellent audience and asked meaningful questions. In truth Curt and Sandra were blessed by the experience. It is our plan and hope to have that talk available as soon as we can work out the technology.

Side Trip
Curt drove home and Sandra flew down to Grand Cayman where she was the key note speaker at a ladies retreat. You can learn more about this at the report on Grand Cayman, BWI – May 2012.

Doc and Marmee were delighted to attend a number of practices and baseball games to watch Champ and BigGame. Champ has moved up to the major leagues and taken on some umpire responsibilities. BigGame is into the pitching machine level. It’s a joy to see the progress they make in their skills from season to season.

They were also blessed to attend the annual recital of the Southern New Hampshire Dance Studio. They would just like everyone to know that Mae was definitely the star of the ballet program. Not only did she dance her heart out and steal the show, she graduated to the next class where she’ll attend classes twice a week.

There was also a Lovelace/Baggs/Sette family photo session, the first in several years. The whole extended family had a joyous time posing and playing around in the fields of New Boston. They were all impressed with the professional and personal attention they received from Allison Hope Photography. Yes, we’ll share the photo we choose when we can.

The End

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  1. Anne Belley says:

    Hello! I am so sorry that Marjo has not yet contacted you! We have been so busy! And tonight we JUST found out you had been HERE!!! And visiting our FRIENDS at IFF (our old church!!!) HOW do YOU know them?


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