Norway – June 2012

picnic outside Lovelaces’ cabin

This Family Camping Weekend was perhaps one of the most stretching experiences the Lovelaces have ever had when it comes to languages. There were families there who needed translation into Norwegian or German or Lithuanian. There were some who understood English and God provided translators for the rest. At times though it was like a three ring circus as Curt and Sandra would pause while their words were converted to the appropriate language.

The theme of the long weekend was Home-Grown Disciples and centered around the biblical view of the discipleship journey. Curt presented the biblical mandates then Sandra wove in practical ways to apply them to daily life. The parents seemed encouraged and uplifted by the material as they asked relevant and thoughtful questions. There were also many opportunities to share as the group gathered for a group Bar-B-Q or family games, or just spending some relaxing time together.

A teaching time was offered to the children during the Lovelaces’ talks. Some of the parents chose to have their children attend while others kept their children with them. Intern Rachel did a good job of presenting the material from the Doxology unit written by the Lovelaces. She too had to handle her task in three languages with the added dimension of a wide range of ages. She found it encouraging that the older children in a family would often automatically translate for the younger ones.

One of the great blessings of this event was the opportunity to meet some of today’s heroes. The Lovelaces regularly pray that God would bring the people of His choice to the gatherings where they serve. While chatting with folks around the table Curt and Sandra realized that they were interacting with parents who decided to leave behind their family and friends, home and culture in order to protect their families from the oppressive control of their government. Their resolve to homeschool was strong, but their desire to follow God’s call was the commitment that sustained them.

The Lovelaces and Rachel were stretched during this outreach. There’s no doubt that they all grew in the knowledge of their own weaknesses and God’s strength. It will be long remembered by the whole LWF team.

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