Praising God in Hard Times, Part 2


“We tend to find it easier to lift our hearts and voices in praise to our heavenly Father when life is running smoothly. It’s when our days turn rough that we often find ourselves stumbling in the adoration department.”

In this four-part series based on the book of Ruth, Sandra addresses the important issue of glorifying God regardless of the circumstances around us. Join the ladies of Cayman and learn about the life of Naomi from the outside inward. You might even find yourself updating and broadening your definition of praise.


Back to Bethlehem

I. Pit of Despair

A. How did Naomi get there?

1. her choice

2. another’s choice

3. circumstances

B. Sources of hard times

1. the fall

2. the enemy

3. the Father

II. Exit Plan

A. Report

B. Response

III. Support Systems

A. Husband, sons, neighbors, daughters-in-law

B. Herself, her people, her God

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