Homeschool Families Under Fire

It appears that parents in Wales who choose to undertake the academic education of their children themselves are in need of extra measures of government supervision. So implies the title of a “Briefing Document on Proposals by the Welsh Assembly Government for Compulsory Registration and Monitoring of Electively Home Educated Children.”

According to The Home Service, the UK’s source for home education information, the Assembly’s document is quite lengthy and includes some rather interesting statistics. We find the entire idea quite shocking. First because everything we heard during the conference in Devon in June was positive and upbeat. Families from all over the UK, which includes Wales, reported that there was a basic non-interventionist atmosphere between the government and homeschool families.

Also, the very thrust of the legislative proposal raises a central question. We don’t understand why families who choose to home educate should be treated any differently than those who are home educating for any other reason; chronic illness, poor institutional adjustment, major life commitments, and so on. It sets our teeth on edge that such an obviously prejudiced attitude is rearing its ugly head in yet another nation.

If you’d like to know more about the details, feel free to search the public document at Here. We’re doing our best to support the families with whom we’re in contact through encouragement and prayer. For us it’s a two-sided response – people we care about are under pressure, they’re telling us it’s helpful to have us here.

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