History Lesson on Communism

In recent weeks, Curt posted two pieces regarding a pining for the “good old days” of Communism here in Europe. One included this European Union poster depicting the “hammer and sickle” along with a number of religious symbols. The other was a link to a news story regarding Communists making gains in the recent regional elections in the Czech Republic, our adopted home. The nostalgia is neither limited nor isolated, as evidenced in recently published essays. What short memories have these human beings.

Thankfully, as Curt continues the discussion under the title ‘Scorn the Scourge’, there are those who “get it.” There are those who remember the death and repression associated with that evil period in the history of this region.

Click over to A New Blog from Prague to see a poignant Prague memorial, consider more historic details, and join the conversation.

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