Legal Aliens

When one wants to live in a ‘non-passport’ country there are certain government regulations that must be followed. There’s a pile of paperwork to fill out and many requirements to be met, not to mention officials to please and costs to meet.

We’re smiling in this photo because we’re holding our LONG-TERM RESIDENCE cards, effective until 20 Aug 2014. It’s been a long haul and some people find the process onerous.
We found it to be a physical, emotional, and spiritual adventure.

The down side includes seemingly endless appointments in sometimes scary places, demands such as health insurance that are costly, and enough unknowns to keep the fear dragon roaring – plenty of opportunities to raise prayers for help.

The up side includes finding our way around new areas of the city, learning about our host country through mostly friendly workers, and up-to-the-minute provision of every need. All in all God has used the entire one year procedure to teach us about Himself as He confirms His plans for us. Hallelujah!

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2 Responses to Legal Aliens

  1. Jim Hallet says:

    I just checked out your web site and all I can say is Awsome!!!!!!!!. Keep up the good work.
    Jim( Butch )

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks, Butch. It sure was fun to meet you back in Groton.

      May the Lord bless you as you ride herd over those grandchildren.

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