Netherlands, BHC’13 – May 2013

BHC’13 is complete and we praise God for His tender and intimate watch care over every detail. The theme was Home-grown Disciples and the emphasis was on education as discipleship. Our talks were based on the biblical model set forth by God in His Word and the world.

Probably the most dramatic aspect of BHC’13 would be the inclusion of scads of children. The¬†Sujkerbuyk home was an excellent location for families of all sizes. The adults gathered in the sitting-dining room were available to their children when they were needed. The younger children entertained themselves close by or enjoyed a variety of activities in an enclosed backyard. The older children were able to play in an area out front or go to a large playground down the street.

Delightful children entertained themselves while attentive Dads and Moms were fed from God’s Word all day long. Some people might find it difficult to believe that there was not one major problem, disruption, or injury. Actually, it would be difficult to decide who was blessed most richly, the adults or the children. We all have ample reasons to rejoice in the goodness the Lord showed us at this annual event.

We also spent time with various families as we made our way from place to place. It was a joy to meet some children for the first time and see how others are growing. We saw clear evidence of God’s hand in the tapestries He’s weaving in various families. On the personal side, either there are a lot of tall children in the Netherlands or we’ve been away too long. Actually, it’s been three years since we were with our Dutch friends and we pray it will not be so long until our next meeting.

Sandra offered an evening meeting for mothers. Moms Night seems to be a favorite as the ladies share their specific circumstances and perspectives together over coffee/tea and dessert. There were interested mothers sitting beside beginners and experienced moms. God blessed the whole gathering with His loving kindness and unifying Spirit.

The added bonus of Curt’s presence is that he was available to spend important Man Time. Whether heading out on errands or cooking at the grille fathers had the opportunity to share with Curt and receive understanding and godly counsel. It’s one of the major benefits of God’s current arrangement of our ministry. We are grateful!

The positive feedback and warm appreciation we heard from each of the groups we reached out to leads us to praise God for making us His servants. We rejoice in the Ephesians 2:10 work He causes us to pursue.

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