Netherlands, EurECA – May 2013

We praise God for the work of the European Educators’ Christian Association and the fellowship He provided for us at this valuable event. More than 100 educators from 17 countries gathered in the name of Christ.

One of the draws for us to attend the conference was a statement from their organizational documents, confirmed in 1997 when they gathered in Prague. We agree wholeheartedly with their position.

We affirm that parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. They have therefore the responsibility to ensure that, as far as possible, the type of education their children receive is in keeping with their own beliefs and values. This may be in the form of home education or of schooling administered by church or other community groups or by the state itself.

God is the God of joy and fellowship so a welcoming activity and closing folk dance were part of the mix. These offerings went a long way toward helping us ‘newbies’ fit in with the ‘veterans’.

This year’s keynote speaker was John Lennox, well-known defender of the faith. His relaxed but direct approach to dialogue brought a sharpening effect to the education discussion. One of the highlights for us was the reports shared by the countries and organizations represented. Though many struggles were described they were accompanied by details of God’s powerful and gracious hand in the midst. Prayers and petitions were enriched by praise and thanksgiving in the Prayer for the Nations session.

Most of those present were involved in a more traditional school setting or with a support agency. We’re thankful for God’s work in these settings and made the most of the opportunities to share about home education. Our new brochures got into the hands of interested folks. Mealtime discussions were meaningful, especially for those who’d never thought about the topic before. In one evening session we provided a glimpse into the work of LWF. We did our best to make our experience and expertise in education available wherever God might lead.

The overall effect of the EurECA conference for us was encouragement in the LORD. The way we were received by our brothers and sisters warmed our hearts. The news of God’s grace and power being felt across the region in the lives of His people inspired our souls. We returned home with a renewed sense of delight and lifted spirits in the intervening presence of the Lord in the world today.

EurECA 2014 will be held in Sussex, England. The theme will be Christian pedagogy. If you’re interested in the blessings attendance will bring, start now to set aside the time and the funds. We think it will be well worth your while.


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