Going Out, Coming In

Spring and summer have been very busy for us here at Lifework Forum. In May we attended one conference and spoke at another in the Netherlands. Then it was off to the USA for five weeks of speaking, visiting and working in our storage unit.
Since our return, we have been receiving a lot of visitors, from two sisters who teach English in Asia (one in Korea, one in China), to a young man from India who currently lives and studies in Finland. Then we had two grad students, one from the USA and one from Norway. Today, a family of three, who had been with us for two nights, departed. They will be replaced by a pastor and family visiting from the USA with their youngest son.

In the meantime we continue our regular hospitality ministry, have been showing a new arrival around the city, and Sandra has begun a new Bible study with (currently) one young Czech woman.

Sumava's beautyWe did have the opportunity to spend several days in the beautiful Šumava Mountains with a Czech family. We also visited the birthplace of pre-reformation reformed Jan Hus.

We’ve been kept busy.

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