Bulgarian Homeschoolers Try to Awaken Government

We know these courageous homeschoolers and have stayed in their home in Smolyan, Bulgaria.

Bozhidar Marinov is a 12-year-old boy from Smolyan, Bulgaria who is homeschooled by his mother, Zlatka Marinova. He won a national information technology (IT) competition in 2013; however, his further participation in the Bulgarian IT Olympiad was thwarted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education who declared he is “not a student,” according to their official position.

Initially, his mother did not want his story to go public. But after all opportunities for Bozhidar to participate in the national IT competitions were tried and failed, she was forced to find another solution. Eventually, she was able to enroll him in USACO, the USA Computing Olympiad, which accepts international students.

For the entire story – and more – click here.

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