Our Travels

Multi- and Cross-Cultural Outreach

The Lord’s been providing opportunities for us to serve people in a variety of cultural settings for nearly 40 years. Whether visiting families in their country or caring for them from our home we find we come to know God more intimately through the diversity of His people.

For us, cultural diversity is a wonderful representation of the unified, triune Godhead. The world is filled with people with a variety of skin colors, languages, food, clothing, traditions, and so much more. Yet every person is created by God and bears His image. Psalm 139:13

Our ministry travels have brought us to countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, and Oceania. We have lived in three countries outside the United States, most recently in the Czech Republic. If you’d like to keep up with our adventures, email us and we’ll add you to the list for our monthly update.

Opportunities to Serve YOU

We find serving God’s people an exciting and growing experience. We welcome all invitations with enthusiasm. Share your interest and open the conversation in an email. Our motto is “Have invitation and provision, will travel.”

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