Great Wall of China

The Lovelaces are convinced that God uses the written word in powerful ways. That’s one of the reasons He tells Isaiah in 30:8, “Go now, write it on a tablet for them, inscribe it on a scroll, that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness.” The Lord provides the input and Curt and Sandra exercise their skills to produce the output.

Blog posts are a convenient way to share responses to events and ponderings in a succinct and timely fashion. Since the Lovelaces each have their own views on things, they each have their own blog.

Curt’s posts tend to be brief and to the point while Sandra’s take a bit more time to develop themes. Despite the teasing interplay that often erupts from these differences, they each appreciate the other’s style. Their hope is that you too will find value in fresh perspectives.

A New Blog from Prague is the offering Curt launched in response to our move to Europe. It is a periodic journal of life in the Czech Republic and thoughts on life as an expatriate and believer in Jesus Christ. Responses are always welcome.

Views from the Loft is Sandra’s current blog creation. The title reflects the broadening views the Lovelaces are enjoying from their 6th floor flat in Praha 6. You’ll want to follow Sandra’s glimpses of God’s hand at work in the world from this European venue. Be sure to drop her a note along the way.

Coffee with Curt is the blog Curt pursued in the USA. It is a collection of periodic notes about life. Though it’s more of an archive at this point, responses from all perspectives are still welcome.

Views from the Deck is Sandra’s USA blog. It offers glimpses of God’s handiwork as seen in every day circumstances. Sandra enjoys the feedback she continues to receive there even though she’s put it to rest for now.

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